As in the Days of Noah


My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh

(Genesis 6:3)


I think of the days of Noah. It did not rain in those days, as we know rain today? There was a moist vapor that came from the earth. Noah lived far from any body of water? Therefore, the Ark that God commanded Noah to build became a huge spectacle in the middle of dry ground with no rain. Noah built the Ark as the Lord had said, among ridicule and laughter from everyone, save his family.

Did you know that the Ark represented a “type” of Christ to come; a Savior?

When the Ark was finished, God invited Noah and his family into the Ark. The most interesting thought here is that God shut the door of the Ark. (Genesis 7:16) The rains came. It rained for forty days and forty nights. The earth was flooded with God’s judgment.

I saw a cartoon once that depicted two dinosaurs standing on the peak of a hill that had yet to be overcome by water; the Ark was in the distance. One was saying to the other, “Was that today?”

As it was in the days of Noah, when God saw the” wickedness of man on the earth and their intent was only evil”…is this what God sees today? Have we come no farther or have we come full circle? Do we laugh God off with a attitude of a cartoon?

There is much to discover in the story of Noah.

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2 thoughts on “As in the Days of Noah

  1. I thought of Noah too while I’m reading the news and watching the wickedness that is rampant in our world. And like Noah, God expects me to walk in faith and obedience to whatever calls me to do in these times.


  2. I think of the anguish the people who were not on the boat must have felt. There are people even today who will have that same feeling when Christ does return. Do we care enough to tell them about the One who can save them?


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