Class Reunions

Class reunions are a traditional part of life. We tend to want to relive those moments when we were young and carefree. Life evolves and so do we. Youth, like the flowers of spring, is there for a season, then gone, leaving only memories behind. With each year that passes, our memories become more priceless than before. It becomes important to hang onto those high school days of old…to remember what once was. We choose to recall those “once upon a times” when we were young.

As time passes, reunions continue…once youthful faces…now a gathering of the elderly. So, we go to another class reunion. Another opportunity to remember those days of old…those carefree days of youth. Thankfully, we’ll recognize our classmates of old for they will all have a name tag.

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One thought on “Class Reunions

  1. Steven Sawyer

    My 50th reunion is coming up soon. And I’ve got former students who turn 50 this next year. Talk about feeling old.


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