Making Memories

Through the years, memories are made: births, birthdays, graduations, marriages, anniversaries and many more events in our lives give us our memories. Some memories are made purposely, some without knowing and most as a part of living. Some memories do not stand the test of time, like who was playing in the sandbox with you when you were two years old. The point is; not all memories make it to the golden years, some are forgotten with time.

Each step you take and each decision you make today, are tomorrow’s memories. Each thought, each word, each action will be with you for the rest of your life, whether you remember it or not. Memories are the choices of yesterday; they cannot be changed. Once a day is lived, memories are all that is left.

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4 thoughts on “Making Memories

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  2. Steven Sawyer

    Reblogged this on For His Glory and commented:
    Here is another one of Butch Dean’s excellent, thought-provoking posts. Enjoy.


  3. Hey Butch,
    I was catching up on email today and reaching out to an old friend who is struggling with memories (as in keeping them). As I read your post it occurred to me that the marks we leave on other souls are things that remain (Christ was able to show Thomas his wounds).

    And that reminds me of another phrase from a TV show popular some years past – “Lets be careful out there.”



  4. Another thought provoking post! Thank you!


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