When the Sun Comes Up

I write neither to please nor to displease. I take what is presenting in my thoughts, sculpture it into words then etch them onto paper.

I often wonder why I keep writing. I make no money from it. I write for others to read and hope the simple words will make a difference for them.

I don’t know how many silent readers there are. I would think I’m talking to myself save for a faithful group of supporters who are there every day to read my thoughts. For them and the silent readers, I am grateful.

When I see just one comment from someone who says what they read made a difference for them…I know when the sun comes up, I will write again. Coffee tastes good this morning…

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7 thoughts on “When the Sun Comes Up

  1. It’s such a busy world, and so many words are out there vying for attention. In the midst of it all, I am so often encouraged by the ray of light when ‘the sun comes up’ at Wordsmith’s Desk! 🙂 “We write to taste life twice…in the moment, and in retrospect.” – Anais Nin


  2. We write because we feel, we feel because we live..


  3. The silent readers are just as important as those who comment. Just because they never answer, doesn’t mean God hasn’t used you to touch their hearts.


  4. Don’t you wonder why the silent readers stay silent when a simple ” like” or a single word would touch your heart in a different way? I do. The coffee IS good this morning, I’m going back for seconds. Cheers!


  5. I have wondered these things myself Butch, and possibly why I rarely post on my blog. Comments are the best, but even “Likes” let me know that maybe the person at least read what was posted.
    It would be great to know how many people actually read our posts.
    Thanks for your words each day, even if I don’t always let you know I am reading.


  6. There’s a teacher living in you; the rest of us are lucky to be your students 🙂 MJ


  7. Like many of us.. you write because its who you are. A Wordsmith. You teach, encourage, inspire, and give us pause for thought.
    The coffee is good this morning.


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