There Are Moments

When I worked in the health care field as a CNA, then LPN, then RN, one of the important initial assessments was the orientation of the patient. Did they know their name, where they were, what was going on, the day of the week, etc. This assessment was especially critical for the elderly.

Now that I am considered “elderly”, I find myself conscious of my orientation. Being retired doesn’t help with this process. When I worked on the floor or in the field, I was always aware of the time, the date and the day for charting and schedule purposes. When I retired, being aware of the time, the date and the day was no longer that critical, since there no longer was a schedule. I can assure you I have not lost my orientation yet…but there are moments. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “There Are Moments

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  2. I saw a clock to give as a retirement gift. Instead of numbers marked on the face, it had days of the week. I remember thinking it could be a useful thing! But no retirement here just yet! I rely on my trusty cell phone if I need to know what time it is…however, I’m terrible with directions, so always trying to get my bearings with landmarks when I’m in an unfamiliar place! Glad you’re still oriented to the here and now!
    ~ Sheila


  3. I’m not retired, but I’m between day jobs and don’t have the 9-to-5 routine to keep me on track. So sometimes when I wake up, I have to orient myself as to whether it’s Sunday (church day) or another day.

    Also, when I go shopping or to a movie, the first thing I do when I get out of the car is orient myself in the parking lot. I stop and take note what row I’m on, whether I’m on the storebound or outbound side of the row (or left/right side at the movie theater since it has straight-in, rather than angled, parking spaces), and how close I am to a landmark (cart return, lamppost, tree, etc.) so I can remember where I parked when I emerge from the building.

    I’m so grateful the Holy Spirit keeps me oriented in my walk with Christ. If I had to rely on myself, I’d get hopelessly lost before long.


  4. I’m not retired but I also haven’t worked for a number of years and yes, forgetting about the time and having to ask my husband the day of the week is strange. But I also view it as space, space between the past and now, space around me, space from which I can live!


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