Commercial Land

Commercials are very creative these days; sometimes, you can’t distinguish the program from the commercial; sometimes, the commercial is better than the program.

Is it just me, or is there an excess of commercials on television today. Once, I thought I heard them announce, “Now a brief word from our program.”

How do you like those half hour “info” commercials?

It’s amazing how many items sell for $19.95. “But Wait! There’s More!” Really?

I was watching a commercial once with a guinea pig in it…something about Blockbusters. Sometimes, it’s confusing just what they are trying to sell. I went out and bought a guinea pig.

Does a talking lizard really care if you have car insurance…guess he might if you run over him.

Then, there’s the “Candy Crush” one…who knew.

I love the one where the toddler is talking. Have no idea what’s being advertised… not sure the kid does either, but, he’s “cool”.

There’s a million and one stories in “commercial land;” I bet you have yours.

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7 thoughts on “Commercial Land

  1. I really don’t miss TV land…thanks for letting me know it hasn’t gotten better! 😀


  2. There are too many commercials, but my favorite right now is the one the mom can’t get her toddler to wear pants, but the toddle will feed herself lunch, then come running across the room with the pants on her head. I love the sound she makes as she is running!


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  4. Steven Sawyer

    Waaaaay too many commercials. My favorites are the ones for Doritos. What imagination. I’m like emjay, up there. I love to record then use my remote to FF> right through them all.


  5. And that’s why I have (and use) the DVR — I skip most commercials that way. I will admit to laughing at the current Halloween inspired Geico commercial …. 🙂 MJ


  6. I am not much for beer but I loved the commercial about the dog getting into the fridge to get his master a beer. I thought it was amusing.


  7. But wait there is more… the guinea pig was pregnant, 3 weeks later we had 4 babies. BOOM !!

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