The Friend


I hoped to have a friend,

A friend such as thee.

And if I had some extra time,

I’d come and visit thee.


These times find me so busy,

I’m sure you must be too.

Where is the time to visit,

The way friends used to do.


I find myself a running,

Each and every day.

I wish I had a moment,

To hear what you have to say.


If only we could visit,

I wish we had the time.

It would be nice to visit you,

And hear what’s on your mind.


Today’s the day I have the time,

To come and visit thee.

But in the paper I just read,

Your funeral is at three.


Copyright © 2012 Dean All Rights Reserved
Categories: attitude, Bible, Christian, encouragement, faith, family, friends, hometown, hope, inspiration, Life, Love, memories, Poetry, Reflections, Religion, Spirituality, thoughts | 7 Comments

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7 thoughts on “The Friend

  1. It’s so hard to find the time to stay in touch and yet it’s so very important to not have regrets later.



  2. Time is such a strange thing…some days seem so long, and others fly by. I make time for so much…why not people too?! Made me think! ~ Sheila


  3. Patricia Ann

    Bummer! I’m calling some friends in the a.m.


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  5. Steven Sawyer

    Excellent. I’d love to chat more but I don’t have time now. Maybe I will tomorrow.


  6. A wonderful poem.


  7. I love this. It caught me by surprise. Very thought provoking.


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