Friends I’ve Yet to Meet

Bonnie posted a saying on Facebook the other day that talked about having friends that you have yet to meet. In thinking about it, she has a friend she talks to that she met on the internet. They have interacted for several years now and they have never met.

It brought to focus that I have friends I’ve yet to meet…friends that I have met on the internet. Actually, a couple of years ago, we met one of those friends…hope to meet more.

Ever have the feeling with someone you interact with on the internet, that, even though you have never met, you feel like you know them? Ever feel like sitting down for a cup of coffee is the next step? Ever wonder if you will ever, really meet? Who knows…it’s possible.

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12 thoughts on “Friends I’ve Yet to Meet

  1. There’s always heaven.


  2. I absolutely feel this way! That’s actually one of the rich blessings that has come from blogging and commenting, and reading comments on my posts. I have so many friends in this community! Blessings to you! ~ Sheila


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  4. What a “GIFT” it was to meet the two of you and hear more of your stories! You are treasures both online & off! Bless you


  5. Yes! I would love to sit down for coffee with you and Bonnie 🙂 MJ


  6. I totally agree. I’ve made some really good friends through my blog and hope to meet them someday.



  7. That is one reason I love to blog! I’m beginning to call them my friends instead of my readers.


  8. Maybe, one day this side of heaven.


  9. Yes! And I have had the blessing of meeting a few of them in person, too.


  10. Yes, I too, have met friends through blogging and am thankful for that opportunity. Coffee? All things are possible! 🙂


  11. I have made some good friends on the internet through my blog. And yes, I could see myself and them getting together for a beverage and a great talk! Two live in England, and the other lives on the east coast in the U.S. I would love to meet them, but I am content just staying in touch through our blogs for now. 🙂


  12. I have been thinking of friendship a lot lately. After a 5 day trip to my hometown and spending time with my old friends I committed to putting forth more effort in the city I now live to build new friendships too. Good friends enrich live so much!


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