Those Days of Youth

fall-and-cookies-006.jpgFrost in the field where once a young boy played; unaware of how soon he would grow up leaving the laughter-filled fields behind. All too soon, life would become complicated.

I think about those simple days of youth when life seemed as it should be. I close my eyes and once again feel the warm summer sun on my youthful arms. I dance with the breeze in the fields of you…not a care in the world in those good old days of childhood.

Though having left those days behind many years ago, I still visit those times on the back roads of my mind. For a moment, my imagination can do wonders. I recommend this trip to all of you. Stay in touch with those carefree days…those days of youth.

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3 thoughts on “Those Days of Youth

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  2. I am with you Butch. Sometimes, I think, I wander there too often. But the memories, smells and sensations are sublime!


  3. i had a dream once in which my neighborhood was all gold, the streets and stores, everything. I told the dream to my very best childhood friend. She said it had been anything but, for her, yet she still came to treasured it. I guess, for many, the true colors of yesterday takes a while to reveal themselves..


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