Christian Life on Earth

The following poem was written in 1974 by my friend, Pic…


Here on earth I live my life,

It’s mine alone to live.

I’ll do the best with what I’ve got,

I’ve only this life to give.


I’m taught don’t hate your neighbor

For the color of his skin.

To do it is not Christian like,

To do it is a sin.


Don’t cheat, don’t lie, or steal,

Don’t covet your neighbor’s wife.

God said that it is also wrong

To take another’s life.


I’m thankful for my parents

For they taught me as a lad,

To do what’s right and do no wrong,

To do more good than bad.


To live a life like Christ once led,

For me to understand.

Is to follow in His footsteps

When He lived His as a man.


The day will come when I lay my life

For everyone to see.

If on earth, I lived it right,

I’ll gain eternity.


Gerald LoPiccalo

TEC 1974

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