Love One Another

I was raised in the Catholic faith, nuns and all. My life focused around the school and the church called St. Mary’s. Those days and years will always be etched in my mind. They were probably the happiest and most secure times in my life.

The earliest Pope that I can remember was Pius XII. He was Pope from 1939 to 1958. I was born in 1941. The thought occurs to me that Francis may well be the last Pope I ever know. He is 77.

In the early ‘60’s, I, along with thousands of other Catholics left the church. All of a sudden, after adhering to all the traditions and rituals of the Faith, it was all changed. The reasons given were to bring Catholics closer to the Mass and their Faith. Ironically, the opposite occurred, as thousands of cradle Catholics left the Church.

Now, years later, to return to this Faith of my childhood takes an act of congress to get back into the good graces of the existing hierarchy. This is an experience so frustrating that it continues to keep shut out those Catholics who want to return. I read where the number of these Catholics is so numerous that if they joined together, they would be the largest denomination in the world, second only to the Catholic Church. Amazing!

I look at that place called St. Mary’s where I spent so many good years and wonder if the present caretakers have any idea who we are and what we accomplished. Don’t hang out a banner that says’ “Welcome Home,” then strong-arm those who try to return with your lengthy bureaucratic ways. Instead, accept them with open arms as Jesus would.

Maybe Pope Francis can make a difference for he talks like no other Pope the church and the world has ever heard. He makes sense…he makes it all simple. Love one another echos in his voice…”love one another.”

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8 thoughts on “Love One Another

  1. You have had quite the journey of faith! I’ve not left the church I was raised in, but my own interpretation of some of the doctrines and view of faith in general has changed/grown/matured as I’ve claimed and owned my beliefs. It is an interesting process isn’t it? ~ Sheila


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  3. What faith did you embrace in the meantime?


    • I have been attending a “Vineyard” church (Protestant) in the Los Angeles area for most my life now.


    • I accepted Jesus Christ in 1977 when I read the Bible and John 3:16 for the first time. My roots are in the Catholic Church and I would hope to make a difference for others there. Many still haven’t read John 3:16.

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  4. I too was raised Catholic and was bitter for many years after I left. Then, as I volunteered because of my concern for the lives of the unborn and women who found themselves with an unwanted pregnancy, I met many wonderful priests and lay Catholics. Isn’t it amazing what one-on-one relationships can overcome?

    I’ve reconciled myself to the Catholic church and my wife and I over the years have often attend Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve. I now consider myself an “Irish Catholic-Protestant.”


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