The Silent Visitors

In the shadows of a dimly lit church,

Near the back in a pew alone,

As quiet as sunlight’s rays,

The silent visitors sit.


Unnoticed, they listen, they read, they think,

Then they quietly slip out a side door.

No one sees them leave,

No one noticed them there to begin with.


The silent visitors return to their daily life,

Smiling, as they remember,

What they heard, what they read,

Taking thoughts with them through the day.


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7 thoughts on “The Silent Visitors

  1. I’m one of these….shy really in person at church. Beautiful!


  2. Patricia Ann

    I shared on Facebook and reblogged this poem. I like the emphasis that the visitor did get a message from the sermon.


  3. Patricia Ann

    Reblogged this on An Ordinary Day in an Ordinary Life and commented:
    A sweet perspective about the back row of the church…


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  5. Sometimes I am one of these silent visitors…not that I am often in that mode. But sometimes it is meaningful to sit on the outskirts of the group and keep company with your own thoughts and impressions…sometimes the mood/day/situation just demands that you be a silent and even invisible part. Not to diminish the joy of belonging either…but sometimes a spiritual experience is more profound when it is not shared…does that make sense? ~ Sheila


  6. Profound thought. These unnoticed visitors happen every Sunday and we will be held accountable to the least of these. Blessings to you!


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