Comfort, Hope and a Smile

It’s Monday morning, the coffees on and the day awaits.

I wonder who you are as my thoughts try to picture you. What are your hopes, dreams…your fears, and defeats…what can I say to help? Words for a reader to see should bring comfort, hope and a smile. As this week unfolds, I hope my thoughts and my words will be there for you.

The coffee’s ready…would you like a cup?

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19 thoughts on “Comfort, Hope and a Smile

  1. Love to you B&B – stay warm and sure footed! Toasting you with tea! hugs…


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  3. Steven Sawyer

    Yes, Butch. I’d love to sip on a cup of joe with you and chat for a few hours in front of a nice fire. I just read a post from a friend in Western Ohio where she’s writing in the midst of snow snow snow. Oh, how jealous I am. I’m stuck here in muggy Atlanta and pining for snow we may never see. Whine whine. I know, I’m crazy to love snow. Call me an Iowa native. And, I look forward to all your good words this week. God bless.


  4. Looking forward to a “good word” from you this week. I just wrote a poem about the need for some encouragement based on Proverbs 12:25. ~ Blessings in Jesus ~


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  6. I’d love to sit and chat for a few minutes. You bring your coffee and I’ll bring a thermos of my tea.

    I’m doing good. This unemployment is irksome, but I’d known for a while in my prayers that something was about to happen and that it would all work out okay. So I’m not stressing out about it, but am doing what I can to find a job and see what God has for us next. My employer left me in good shape, so I’m okay financially for quite a while.

    How about you? What do YOU need to hear? As I write this, I’m next to the memories pictures that are sliding by. I wish they were captioned. I love to see the people who were part of your life.



  7. Yes, please! 🙂 MJ


  8. I think having a cup of coffee with another wordsmith is the best part of my mornings!!!


  9. Coffee is always good! I can go for a cup right now, snuggled on my sofa, with the Christmas tree lights on. Instead I am sitting at my desk at work, where my friend was just let go…as in terminated from her position:-(


    • Sorry about your friend. A sad event to start the year. I hope she is one who trusts the Lord…knowing you, she must surely be. 🙂


  10. Yes please, and an opportunity to sip it with you and Bonnie. 🙂


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