See You Later


The tradition when someone dies is to consider it a loss. The age old condolence, “Sorry for your loss” has been learned and repeated over and over. We heard it as children…we say it as adults. The phrase has merit and it has meaning. It is appropriate as tradition goes, but does it say all.

If we believe that there is life beyond this world, then, perhaps, we can say, “See you later.” Can you imagine your loved one excited and waiting to show you what cannot be seen with earthly eyes? It will bring a smile thru your tears. “See you later, Phil.”

In memory of Phillip LoPiccalo


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6 thoughts on “See You Later

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  2. I think see you later sounds much better!



  3. Beautifully said : “See you later”


  4. Love this post Butch … for years I have told my wife that at my funeral I want the song ‘Neighborhoods’ by Big Daddy Weave played … the chorus

    “Cause you know one day I will fly
    To my mansion in the sky
    And I’ll have no regrets when I leave this place for good
    When I say my last farewell please don’t forget to tell them
    That I’m not really dead I’m just changing neighborhoods”


  5. It has long seemed to me all the sadness and loss show that deep down, most of us remain quite uncertain as to what comes next, if anything.


  6. atimetoshare

    Might be better to add “Joyful for their gain!”


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