Chances Never Taken


Certainty is never sure,
Not even when it knows.
Things can happen,
Things can change,
Easy come, easy go.

What’s the sense of trying,
If it’s not for sure.
Why the try,
Why the care,
All for an allusion.

Think of opportunities,
Chances never taken.
Could have,
Should have,
Would have,
A litany of frustration.

Thought about it many times,
Knew you wanted to.
But, made excuses
Of all kinds,
Now there is no do.

Pictures of your life unfold,
Empty as can be.
You chose the can’t,
Instead of can,
Welcome to misery.


Copyright © 2011 LeRoy Dean All Rights Reserved

Categories: attitude, Bible, Christian, encouragement, faith, family, friends, hometown, hope, inspiration, Life, Love, marriage, memories, Reflections, thoughts | 4 Comments

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4 thoughts on “Chances Never Taken

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  2. So appropriate for me this week – thank you.

    I just the picture of your Grandmother at 21. Is that new in the line-up? I don’t remember seeing it before. It’s a gorgeous picture. As always, I enjoy the one of Jon in uniform.



  3. Oh! and thank you for this Butch 🙂


  4. Wow! Love this and I suspect it is another message to me from God! Sounds like my life and a certain decision/action I keep putting off!!!


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