Only A Memory


who would have ever thought a rebel from the ‘50s would be blogging.

Back in the day, there were no cell phones or computers.

The cars parked around the school belonged to the teachers.

Mumbling, tousled-haired teenage boys were common…

all trying to be Brando or Dean.

Gas was 25 cents a gallon, but a quarter was not easy to come by.

Rock and Roll was coming on the scene.

Sock hops were in…so was “being cool.”

Who would have ever thought it would all be memories, someday.

Who would have ever thought a rebel from the ‘50s would be blogging about it.

Reflections of yesterday,
Flashing in my mind.
Simpler times, youthful times,
Left so far behind.

Appreciate each day of your life…

they will, one day, be only a memory.

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3 thoughts on “Only A Memory

  1. I miss the days of 25 cents/gal gasoline!


  2. atimetoshare

    Being a child of the 50s I can relate to this. It’s amazing what’s happened in 70 short years. We’ve experience so many new things.


  3. Love this, Butch. And I have not thought of sock hops in years!! P.S. I wanted to rate it five star, but my finger slid over three stars, and would not let me change it! Sorry!


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