Those Years of Yesterday

Standing in the stillness, the snowflakes falling ‘round;
Peaceful voices softly whisper of the memories to be found.
Friends and families gathering, there’s closeness once again;
So long ago, those times and faces: those memories creeping in.

The fleeting years have faded so much of what has been:
Some gather now, like yesterday, as if it was back then.
It seems like not so long ago, a time when we were young:
Growing old was impossible; drifting apart just wasn’t done.

Truth removes illusion with the passing of the time;
And things appear as they used to be, but only in our minds.
It will never be the same again; the way it was, the way we were;
The times have changed, life moves on; the past becomes a blur.

Standing in the stillness, the snowflakes falling ‘round;
Peaceful voices softly whispering of the memories to be found.
A tear springs from my heart to kiss the newly fallen snow:
I realize that it’s time to let this moment go.

I can walk along the back roads of my memories anytime:
And find so many waiting thoughts, these shadows in my mind.
The mist of once upon a time will always have its say;
As friends and families gather in those years of yesterday.

Copyright © 2011  All Rights Reserved

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4 thoughts on “Those Years of Yesterday

  1. Love it Butch!


  2. Beautiful!

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, to both you and Bonnie.


  3. Truly precious…wonderfully written…


  4. This is really beautiful! Thank you for sharing 😃


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