With Each Tick of the Clock

The ticking of a clock in a quiet room reminds us that time continues no matter what. With each tick of the clock, with each beat of your heart, time slips away.

Time, like money, should be spent wisely, but, unlike money, time cannot be accumulated. Time is spent with each “tick” of the clock, with each beat of your heart.

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3 thoughts on “With Each Tick of the Clock

  1. I see we both have time on our minds, Butch. Good post and thanks for the Amen on mine. 🙂


  2. Steven Sawyer

    So true. Wouldn’t I like to retrieve at least a little of the time I’ve frittered away over the years. I think I would be shocked when I learned how much “a little” time really would be. Thanks for sharing.


    • Steven, I have volumes of time I wish I could re-live, but that is not in my control. All I can do is take my huge mess and give it to Him. Somehow, I believe He has already worked it all to the good…His ways and thoughts are beyond me, but I believe.


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