A Grandfather’s  Love


A face so pure on a body of gold,

Encased in a bezel to be saved, not sold.

A token of love that was worn for years,

On my mother’s neck; stained by her tears.


A gift she received as a youth so long ago,

From her father to her when she was ten or so.

Upon her death, she made it very clear,

That her son was to have it to hold so dear.


So, I now pass it on, as well as it should be,

To my granddaughter Gianna, to continue the tree.

A day will come, when you will wear it with pride,

Your great grandmother is smiling right by your side.


Written by Gerald “Jerry” LoPiccalo to his

Grand daughter “Gianna” when she was 5 yrs old.

The gift was an 1883 2.5 dollar gold piece.


Happy Birthday, Pic.


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3 thoughts on “A Grandfather’s  Love

  1. I had never read this poem of your B/4: Beautiful & birthday blessings!! Jerry, Hope that you had a great one & Butch for your sharing.


  2. Nice..thanks for stopping by..


  3. Butch Thank you for remembering me today with a remembrance of a poem that I wrote many years ago, thank you for your birthday wish buddy. Hope you and Bonnie are doing well, I think of you always. Pic

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