Calendar Directives

Seems like society lives by the directives of the calendar…Christmas, Thanksgiving, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, etc.

Has it gotten to the point that we need a pretty picture and some dates hanging on a wall to remind us who and what should be honored by us?

In days of old, without all these calendar directives, how did they know who was important in their lives? How did they know when to honor Christ? How did they know when to give thanks?

Maybe, so as not to miss a calendar directive, we should honor moms, dads and others each day. Maybe, so as not to appear self-centered, we should honor Christ and give thanks each day.

Maybe then, the calendar on the wall won’t be giving us directives, for what it says for one day a year, we naturally do each day of the year…by choice, not by calendar directives.


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4 thoughts on “Calendar Directives

  1. Sheila

    So true, and a great reminder!


  2. Agreed! Never liked calendar holidays myself, though I mark them. Better that all the ways we honor come from the heart! ~ Sheila


  3. Steven Sawyer

    Great thoughts, Butch. Thank God we won’t need calendars when we live with Him in eternity!


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