Just One More Minute



How precious is a minute?

Hear the plea, “Oh, for just one more minute.”

Words left unspoken…intentions left undone…

“Oh, for just one more minute.”

How precious is a minute?

So much more than we realize…

until it’s gone.


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3 thoughts on “Just One More Minute

  1. Reblogged this on Belgian Ecclesia Brussel – Leuven and commented:
    Let us not waste too many minutes and use some of the minutes to the right Person and for the right cause.


  2. I really need to do this. I think I am yet there are times…With some of my kids home for the summer from college, I try to embrace all the time they give. Nothing else matters much during together time with them or my mother or my husband or…I’ll stop now. Thanks for the post. Short and to the point.


  3. Wanting just one more minute of sleep in the morning leads to being just five more minutes late leaving for work. Take advantage of every opportunity rather than nap that precious minute away.


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