When “Like” Isn’t Working

I faithfully follow several blogs and have for years. The “like” button has always been a good communication tool for me. That is, until now.

When I am signed in on my blog and visit other blogs, and I click on the “Like” button, it doesn’t work. A small, blank, white screen flashes for a second, then disappears. There is no evidence on your blog that I was there. I have become a “silent choice” and not by choice.

So far, I cannot get any answers to the problem, not that I haven’t tried. If any of you have some thoughts on this issue, please share. I want to get back to “business as usual” with this. In the meantime, know that I was there to read your blog as I have always been. Thanks.

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5 thoughts on “When “Like” Isn’t Working

  1. I like all your posts, Butch and I do get likes from you from time to time for which i say tyvm.


  2. Also, when you write a post, there is an option to select “show likes” and “show shares.” I don’t think that relates to your liking other sites, but rather to showing who liked your site, but you might see what it is set at, anyhow.


  3. These are things you probably have already tried, but the first thing I would do is turn my computer off and unplug it and (if it has a battery) take out the battery for about 1 minute, then reconnect everything and turn it back on and see what happens. I don’t know exactly why or what, but over time a computer collects stuff that starts to mess it up. Turning the computer off and back on again allows it to reset.

    Have you tried signing on to WordPress from another computer to see if it is the site or the computer? Being able to narrow that down helps, too.

    My only other suggestion is to clear out your cache if you haven’t done so recently. I’d probably google how to do that if you wanted to try it.


  4. If someone likes my post I get the email. If I try to like someone’s post, well I don’t know. Avatar doesn’t show up. Can’t find a way to contact WordPress directly. All I get directed to is a maze of forums. It is a frustrating situation. Thanks for you thoughts, Steven.


  5. Steven Sawyer

    Butch, I am having a similar problem with the like icon showing up. I know it’s not showing all the likes because I get emails indicating that “So-and-so liked your post on________” but their avatar does not show up at the bottom of the post.
    That may not be the insight you were looking for, but it’s frustrating to me when I know reader emails say they “like” a post, but the post shows fewer avatars. Maybe WordPress support can help us out.


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