How Big is Your God

cropped-dsc01062-copy1.jpgIf the statement was made that Hitler is surely in hell, would there be an overwhelming “amen” from the church? Think about it.

Paul was a persecutor of Christians…Peter denied Christ three times…Judas sold the Lord out for 30 pieces of silver and this list could go on and we would find our names on it.

Do we want to be subject to man’s judgement or rather God’s grace? Do we know a man’s thought’s and heart in the last breath of life? Do you think maybe God does? Do you think maybe the Holy Spirit has conversation with a man during his last breath?

Questions, not for the debate of man’s imperfect mind, but, rather, to contemplate prayerfully in the solitude of one’s heart. The question for each one is, “How big is your God?”

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3 thoughts on “How Big is Your God

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  2. This is powerful. Thank you for sharing..


  3. Interesting contemplation’s!


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