The Clock

We look at a clock…but what do we focus on. Sure, we look to see what time it is. The hour and minute hand combine to tell us this.

What if we looked at the clock in a different. The hour hand moves slowly around the numbers that represent the hours in our day. To focus on the hour hand’s movement is to lull oneself to sleep.

The minute hand moves a bit faster than the hour hand, yet a minute can seem like an hour at times. Have you ever be told, “Just a minute” and that was several minutes ago.

The second hand…now this one relates to us…moving fast…always in a hurry…keeping up in a fast paced world.

With each hand there is a varied pace…a different focus. Could it be that we have a choice regarding the tempo of our day…our life? Think about this the next time you look at a clock. Which hand will you focus on? Which pace will you choose for your day…for your life?

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3 thoughts on “The Clock

  1. Is it my imagination or do clocks go faster nowadays?


  2. Something to think about through my day. Blessings for yours.


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