Letting Go


The best time to let go is…?

Is there a best time to let go?

Is letting go even necessary?


“Letting go” is a popular phrase that is applied to many situations. In some situations, letting go is applicable and necessary. In other situations, letting go is not necessary.

Anger, obsession, extreme grief, an old girl friend, a bad marriage; these are all situations where letting go would be necessary for healing and moving on with your life. For successful recovery, none of these should be part of your future. Ideally, that does not always work. There are left over feelings that take time to dissipate.

In the loss of a loved one, the situation might not be ideal, either. A sudden death gives no warning. Maybe, there was a fight or harsh words spoken or no words at all. This can lead to guilt and regrets that need to be let go of, but that is so much easier said than able to do.

No relationship is perfect. It is a matter of sorting out the memories; letting go of the bad ones and holding on to the good. How can you apply all of the above without getting a master’s degree in grief?

Trust yourself. Believe in your inner voice. Have a sense of confidence to know what is best for you. Let a very trusted and close friend help. Exercise your faith; let God help.

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2 thoughts on “Letting Go

  1. So true. Good insight.


  2. It’s done till death phrase and I feel.most people don’t even understand what it means to actually let go.


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