The Path


In the deepening shadows, there is the sense of someone watching me. I am late getting home, so I decided to take a shortcut through this wooded area. There is very little evening light left now, as I try to hurry along.

The path that used to be here is mostly grow over which tells me that not too many are foolish enough like me to be here at all. My pace has quickened since I entered the woods and what light I had is gone.  I find myself lost in my own thoughts in the darkness. How do I find my way out? The distance is great.  My way is lost to me.

I stop…listen. I heard something. I know I did. It came from behind as if someone was following me. Silence… I need to keep going…need to get out of these woods and home…safe. Home, a place of comfort remembered from so long ago. There are times when I wonder if it really existed at all. Perhaps it was a memory made up, a dream unlived, a place in my imagination.

If there ever was a time when I was not afraid, it escapes my thoughts. My choices have never seemed to be the right ones; the roads I have traveled have led me further from where I have wanted to be.

I hurry on, trying to follow the possibility of a path before me. My heart races, my minds spinning, wondering what is behind me. Am I on a path or one I have created in my panic? I have heard of others, lost in the woods and walking in circles. Am I now one of them? Have I somehow lost my direction and rather, than getting closer to home, am I walking closer to that which I fear is behind me?


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