Young at Heart

The older you get, the more you look back. Some will tell you that looking back is like living in the past. I suppose that can be true for some, but to generalize would be a mistake. Maybe, one has to be standing in those “old” shoes to realize that the past plays a large part in your future.

Memories return to the hearts of those who have walked life’s path for many years. In remembering, one finds the strength to go on, to complete life’s journey. Getting older can be a challenging experience. The thing is, we don’t plan on being that senior and when we get there, there’s a lot of youth still hanging out inside.

Our bodies let us know we are not that “spring chicken” anymore, but our mind says otherwise. Learning to balance this feeling of youth with the reality of aging is the secret to being content with the process. It’s not like you can prevent it, but you can make the experience as painless as possible by staying “Young at Heart.”

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2 thoughts on “Young at Heart

  1. Reblogged this on A Satisfied Spirit and commented:
    Mentally feeling young + the realities of aging = Contentment


    • The more I age, both physically and mentally, the more I want to slow it down. I am in no rush anymore. All I have is time, right? Looking back can be very painful to me, because I am hard on myself. I don’t like to think of issues as ‘mistakes’. They are life experiences that I can look upon now as a path well traveled.
      But spiritually, I have always had faith that God would see me through the worst of the worst; and the best of the best. Just today, my husband said, ‘I am so broke after paying these bills!’ I said, ‘Broke!! What do you mean broke??’…a gentle reminder to him, ‘Jay, we are so rich in heart with God’s many blessings! What are you thinking; and furthermore, Why are you not thinking?’
      God loves us. We are his children. And the God I believe in, not only wants us to grow and flourish, but is an all forgiving God. Not what my hubby wanted to hear; but, by his reaction, I believe he was surprised to be hearing this from me.
      We have ventured a bit from reading His word. And I believe, we stay young at heart the closer we are to God and His word. How foolish it is to venture and stray; and how wise it is to continue to re-group now and again. hugs, queeny


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