Balloons or Bricks

Balloons are light and can rise above the cares of this world. They seem to head straight for God when released. A handful of balloons is easy to carry.

Balloons are positive. Bricks are heavy and will sink to the bottom when tossed in any body of water. Bricks are hard to carry and it takes very few to weigh you down. Bricks are negative.

A lot more could be said about Balloons and Bricks, but here is my thought. What if positive thoughts were Balloons and negative thoughts were Bricks?

Positive thoughts are uplifting. With positive thoughts, you can rise above the cares of this world. The more positive thoughts, the better.

Negative thoughts weigh you down quickly. It doesn’t take too many negative thoughts to sink your day. The less negative thoughts, the better.

Think of your thoughts as Balloons or Bricks…Which ones do you want ?

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One thought on “Balloons or Bricks

  1. Balloons please!


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