Barns and Old Forgotten Things

Standing in the meadows

And on the hilltops green.

Barns and old forgotten things,

Memories, hopes and dreams.


Standing tall in a better day,

Housing cows and all.

Now, a bit in disarray,

Timbers ready to fall.


Shape and size and color, too,

As many as the stars.

One by one they disappear,

Not noticed from afar.


Copyright © 2011 LeRoy Dean All Rights Reserved


3 thoughts on “Barns and Old Forgotten Things

  1. OK, ‘fess up. Did you really write this on a typewriter??? Beautifully done! My husband is also a writer and poet (not by profession), and do we get to meet Bonnie? I’m new on your blog, so maybe I’ve just seen the post yet.


  2. Your blog is a calming balm for the soul weary of the vacuous busyness of this world. Thanks for sharing what God has put in your heart. A huge blessing. May it be returned to you manifold.


  3. First poem I’ve read about barns. I love old barns…they have such character.


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