Mowing in the Snow

I grew up in the Midwest and remember that mowing the yard usually ended by mid October, and that would be stretching it. Since I returned to my Midwest roots after many years, I notice that some have a fixation on leaves in their yard…out come the blowers, the mowers, the anti-leaf campaign. Two of my neighbors are blowing and mowing their yard as I write…it’s December 2cnd. Makes me wonder if they will have the snow shovels out next…to clear the snow off the yard so they can continue their war on leaves.

I believe God made all of creation to work in harmony with itself. Leaves fall to the ground and through the winter, decompose and return to the soil, as God intended. One thing for sure, the leaves in our yard will fulfill their God-given purpose. That is, unless God causes a mighty wind and all the leaves in our yard blow over to the neighbor’s leafless yard…maybe God does have a sense of humor.

“God, would it be wrong to chuckle if You did that. I mean, just a small snicker…a teeny snicker…”

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Life Was Simpler Then

Life was simpler then, just a boy and his dog and a wagon.

Mix the above ingredients with a lazy summer’s day.

Sprinkle in some love.

Add a generous amount of imagination,

then play to perfection.

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