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The older you get, the more you look back. Some will tell you that looking back is like living in the past. I suppose that can be true for some, but to generalize would be a mistake. Maybe, one has to be standing in those “old” shoes to realize that the past plays a large part in your future.

Memories return to the hearts of those who have walked life’s path for many years. In remembering, one finds the strength to go on, to complete life’s journey. Getting older can be a challenging experience. The thing is, we don’t plan on being that senior and when we get there, there’s a lot of youth still hanging out inside.

Our bodies let us know we are not that “spring chicken” anymore, but our mind says otherwise. Learning to balance this feeling of youth with the reality of aging is the secret…

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Yesterdays Footprints

The shorter the road ahead…the longer the memories.

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The sidewalks of your hometown bear the footprints of those who have gone before. If they could talk, their stories would fill volumes and their wisdom would be priceless. Have you ever considered this?

The younger you are the less this may mean to you right now, but someday, memories of days and years gone by will become a greater part of your thinking.

You will rediscover the footprints of those who walked where you walked growing up. With a tear in your eye, you will smile and remember family and friends from days past, those days you thought would never end.

Appreciate this day. Look around you and see the people and places that are in your life. Savor everything and everyone that you see. Take it all in, for sooner than you realize, your today will be yesterday’s footprints.

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