A Measure of Time


To each of us is given, a measure of time. No two have the same amount; some have more; some have less. Our time is uniquely ours. No one else can borrow from it, nor can you give any of it away. Time cannot be saved nor can we get more. The time each has been given is exact, there is no more and no less.

What we do with our time is entirely up to us. We can use it to full advantage or we can waste it. We are accountable for our use of the time given to us and liable to give an account of that use to the One who gave time to us. There is a purpose and a time for everything under the sun.

There is a time for everything, a season for every activity under heaven. (Ecclesiastes 3:1 NLT)

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Second Hand Info

It occurs to me that almost everything we think we know about anything is second hand information. Without being there and/or experiencing a situation, all we know about it is second hand.This is true of the Bible. It is all second hand information…stories and thoughts from a distant past.

What we hear from the news media is for us to decide what to believe. You might say that we put faith into a certain source, whether it be a friend or newspaper or network.

Here’s the rub. Human nature is more prone to believe a human source rather than a spiritual source. Human nature will almost lay down its life to defend an earthly opinion, yet question a heavenly fact. In either case, it requires faith to accept and believe. Earthly opinions are temporary…heavenly facts are eternal.

Where do you think your faith investment would be better placed?

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