Life’s Moments

A heart that listens,

to tears that fall.

A soul that is open

to the pain of it all.


A time for healing,

to mend once more.

A chance to forgive,

to re-open a door.


A moment to see,

to understand.

A reason to help,

to offer a hand.


A time to mourn,

to say goodbye.

A promise of hope,

to never die.


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In God’s Hands

Yesterday was rainy and the pavements were wet. We were rear-ended at a stop sign as the car behind us had been following too close and began to fishtail when the brakes were applied.

The impact was minimal and neither Bonnie or I were adversely affected. The interesting thing was that before I got out of my vehicle, I knew the damage wasn’t enough to bother the police with. How did I know that???

The driver that rear-ended us got out of his vehicle apologizing for the situation and kept saying that he was in trouble now. He appeared in his late thirties. I remember being intense in my thoughts and words. I referred him to two books; the rules of the road and the Bible.

He received a short lecture from me on following too close, especially for conditions. It was like when you sternly correct one of your children in order to teach them. The driver kept saying, “I know”. We challenged him to act like it if he did.

Then I heard myself telling him about John 3:16. I asked him if he went to church and read the Bible. He answered “no” to both questions. He told me that he didn’t believe in God. I replied, “That’s too bad because when you die you will go straight to hell”. I told him that the God he didn’t believe in was the reason he wasn’t going to have to explain the situation to the police.

The rest of the day I thought about this encounter. Why did I know I wasn’t going to call the police before I got out of my vehicle.? Why did I find myself talking to him about John 3:16? Why did that witness become the most important part of the encounter? Why did I say what I said?

This morning, all I can do is give it to God. Perhaps, there are many times when God’s plan for another is playing out. Perhaps, we need to realize that it isn’t just about us. Perhaps the incident was necessary for the driver to hear what was said; words that maybe he wouldn’t pay any attention to otherwise. This morning, I can only give it all to God and believe that His word doesn’t return to Him void. I ask your prayers for the driver as we pray for him. Amen!

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