Dorothy’s Butterflies

She came to visit in the early spring,

to the rustic cabin deep in the woods.

She took a walk down “Lost End” road,

And found her butterflies of long ago.


She smiled as she watched their fragile flight,

And her eyes sparkled when they chose to lite,

In the warmth of her presence on a dusty road,

Her butterflies of long ago.


Memories of her with the passing of time,

Warm the thoughts of an elder mind.

It was early spring on a back woods road,

When she found her butterflies of long ago.

Copyright © 2011 LeRoy Dean All Rights Reserved


3 thoughts on “Dorothy’s Butterflies

  1. When living in southern Mexico, each spring (and only once a year) we were treated to the sight of butterflies who would set-down on the ground – all in a circle – as if they were having a meeting together! It was an extraordinary event and each year that we were there in March, we waited for that day to arrive. Once their “meeting” was over, the butterflies lit out and flew into the sky. I wonder what the said to each other?!!!! 🙂


  2. I love this poem – I love butterlies and their beauty!!!


  3. Fabulous.


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