I Miss You, Jon

In Memory of Jon Wright

July, 1965 – October, 2010

Sunlight on a window sill,
Small fingerprints I see,
In the dust of yesterday.
You left them there for me.

Shadows in a sunlit room,
Move across the floor,
Following as you laugh and play.
I couldn’t miss you more.

Your voice so soft, still in the air,
Giggles and a grin.
Your reflection in my tears,
I still remember when.

Toys found in a corner box,
Waiting for your touch.
You’d bring them back to life, again,
I miss you, oh so much.

Ever will I miss your smile,
The honesty within,
Now, but just a memory.
I wish it were back then.

You grew to be a man one day,
Just when, I don’t recall.
Then cancer came to claim its cost,
You left me in the Fall.

The little boy that lived within,
The man you came to be.
He was there just one more time,
To say goodbye to me.


Copyright © 2011 LeRoy Dean All Rights Reserved


14 thoughts on “I Miss You, Jon

  1. I have read this a couple of times since I began following your blog a long while back. The loss of your amazing son must surely continue to be heartbreaking and your words to him here are beautiful. Wiping away tears from my eyes. May our Father truly bless you and your family.

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  2. I can’t imagine the pain you have experienced. I also have a son named Jon, and my heart grieves because of your unfair separation . . . . May your faith continue to shine, and may God’s peace carry you until you will be reunited with your Jon.


  3. I too have buried one of my children, but it was suicide that came and took him away. Your poem was a beautiful comfort to my soul. My blog is dedicated to my son and the lessons I have learned from his tragedy. It is a message of hope in this world.
    I am so thankful that i somehow found your blog today. I will be a loyal followe and look forward to more wonderful writings from you.


  4. May this Christmas be filled with memories of your son. He is a timeless treasure forever in your hearts. May you see Him with your heart and rejoice in tears of JOY (Jesus Overshadows You) for the blessing of having Him touch your life.

    As I celebrate Christmas, I cherish the memories of the loss of my mother and all those who I was blessed to have known. Those who didn’t know Him (your son), get to meet him through you. He still lives because a part of Him is an extension of you.

    Beautiful tribute, wish I could write something special like that to my mom’s memory.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



  5. Touching and beautiful……..I know the sting of death….but God!……:)


  6. I feel your pain and am glad to have read this it reminds me of one of my own personal loss of a very close cousin. Although I don’t understand what it means to lose a son I know how feels to lose someone close to you. Although I am not the most religiouly inclined person out there I hope you continue strong


  7. Tears mix with words…..precious – may God be wth you today and everyday


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  9. There are no words I can offer to soften the loss. Not only with deepest sympathies, but also many blessings on Jon and Jona’s birthday. This is a beautiful tribute. Thank you for sharing.


  10. cynthiaherron

    I have no words…

    We suffered through a chronic illness with one of our own children for many years…the grief of a parent and what we endure during the journey is indescribable. I can’t even imagine your ultimate loss. Your words have affected me deeply.

    If it were not for the promises of our Heavenly Father, life would truly be meaningless. I am praying for you…


  11. I can feel your pain. It’s always sad to lose someone we love.


  12. Lindsey

    Beautiful tribute to your son. My deepest sympathies go out to you. Thanks for stopping by and “liking” my blog and look forward to reading more of yours. Lindsey


  13. Beautiful, moving, and a precious gift like your son.


  14. Thank yu for sharing this with us. what a beautiful, heartfelt tribute to your son. God bless you and keep you.


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