The Need to Know

Human nature doesn’t like unanswered questions or blanks. Mysteries need to be solved and blanks need to be filled in. Not knowing is unacceptable. Questions need answers. The “need to know” is now. To be in control with knowledge and answers…now that is the essence of human nature.

All of this need human nature has makes it a bit tough when dealing with a concept like faith. “The substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen” is the explanation of faith in the scriptures. In other words, it’s believing with out knowing; it’s child-like faith on Christmas morning; it’s trusting with a page full of blanks and lots of questions with no answers.

Faith is walking a tightrope wire over the Grand Canyon, blindfolded. Faith is finding out there is no tightrope, yet continuing to walk. Faith is trusting beyond sight or knowing. Faith is believing beyond hope. Faith is the “eyes of the soul.” Faith can move mountains. Faith is a choice.




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Dorothy’s Butterflies


She came to visit in the early spring,
to the rustic cabin deep in the woods.
She took a walk down “Lost end” road,
And found her butterflies of long ago.

She smiled as she watched their fragile flight,
And her eyes sparkled when they chose to lite,
In the warmth of her presence on a dusty road,
Her butterflies of long ago.

Memories of her with the passing of time,
Warm the thoughts of an elderly mind.
It was early spring on a back woods road,
When she found her butterflies of long ago.

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