As a child, my life was simple; requiring no decisions to speak of, for my parents took care of all that mattered, and then some. The truth, during that period of my life, was exactly whatever my parents said it was and that was just fine with me. My basic routine was school during the week and church on Sunday. Summers were a welcome break from my school year routine and gave me a lot of time to catch up on all the playing and dreaming a boy needs to do.

It was the best of times and I never gave any thought to the idea that this perfect moment in time could possibly end, but the boyish dreams and the summer play did fade from my life one night when I was not looking. I must have been sleeping when it happened; one day I was a carefree child and the next day I was a man with questions and doubts. It was those concerns that set me upon a journey for the truth.

A man named Jesus stood before Pontius Pilate who asked him, “What is truth?” Pilate never waited for a reply but “washed his hands” of the matter. How searchers for the truth throughout the ages have longed to hear the answer to that question; from a man named Jesus, who said He was The Truth.

The Bible contains many comforting words and thoughts; even the promise of eternal life. The writers speak of the soul that does not die; one that could exist with God forever. The writer spoke of a “Living” God who knows the comings and goings, shortcomings and failures of every soul, yet offers each one an unconditional love.

Each person is as unique as a snowflake, with a variety of personal differences in interpretation of the scriptures. I have come to realize that any system of beliefs cannot appear pure and undefiled as long as the eyes of my mind focus on the people. They are like me, well meaning, yet earthly and imperfect, and as long as these earthly temples are involved in a heavenly plan, there will be the contrasts of actions and words.

Each believer, by their faith, shines as a lighthouse to a dark and troubled world, guiding other searchers to the peaceful shores of the truth that passes all understanding, a haven that only God can provide. Perhaps a search for the truth comes from within, not from without, when one hears a still small voice amidst the beating of his own heart, a voice that has been searching for him for a lifetime.

Copyright © 2010 LeRoy Dean All Rights Reserved

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