Winter’s Dance

White winter blanket covering the ground;

Swirling and whirling as it comes down;

Shifting and drifting to winter’s dance;

Children all watching as in a trance.


Traffic all creeping as on they go;

Slipping and sliding through winter’s snow.

Streets now of ice and yards of white;

Nothing is stirring all through the night.


Highways appearing like junk yards now;

Nothing is moving but one lonely plow.

Cars in ditches not able to steer;

It’ll be days before it’s all clear.


Travelers stranded and motels are full;

Not many places left for them to go.

Shelters now open from the freezing cold;

Strangers are gathering, both young and old.


Emergency crews everywhere can be found;

Exhausted and cold; making their rounds.

All through the night, this vigil they keep;

Watching over our town, so we can sleep.


Come morning our world is a canvas of white;

Sculptured by nature all through the night.

Our prayer is that no one fell in harm’s way;

That all may thank God for this brand new day.


Copyright ©2011 LeRoy Dean All Rights Reserved

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One thought on “Winter’s Dance

  1. Beautiful.


Thank you for your thoughts.

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