Moments Become Memories

Saunemin-0004.jpgI hardly recognize the scene before me. Brambles and weeds have overcome the lane that led to our home. The kids used to play and ride bikes up and down its tire marked path. I listen and hear the sounds of their laughter and play, forever written on the wind.

The lane used to extend a warm invitation, but now gives an unwelcome message to any who pass by. Memories from the past haunt the old place now. Visions in my mind of a place called yesterday.

There have been moments in my life when I wanted time to stop, moments when I knew it could not be any better, but puppies grow to be dogs and little children become adults. Moments become memories as life and time continue their cadence, waiting for no one.

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6 thoughts on “Moments Become Memories

  1. Bittersweet thoughts of the path where the kids used to play.


  2. I too wish I could go back in time when life seemed so carefree and happy. Then I think that in 20 years from now, I just may be wishing I could go back to today, when life will seem to be more carefree and happy.


  3. Steven Sawyer

    Oh, what I would give to return to the place where I played in the dirt and rode bicycles and played in the summer grass.


  4. Boy, can I relate. My youngest child heads to college next month.His bedroom won’t be hidden with brambles and weeds, but they’ll be an echo in the empty space.


  5. Beautiful, happy, and sad, all at the same time. I love how you put it.


  6. “Moments become memories as life and time continue their cadence, waiting for no one.” – Beautifully said Butch!


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