The Monkey and The Lion

In a very large jungle, live a monkey and a lion.

They are quite a pair, they are.


The monkey is always getting in the lion’s way,

With his antics and his play.


Try as he might to stay out of the lion’s way,

The monkey fails.


The lion is a friendly sort and feels sorry for the monkey.

He knows it is not a good thing to feel like a failure all the time.


After all, the monkey is just being a monkey

And doing what monkey’s do.


The lion decided to teach the monkey that he is not failing.

He does what he does because he is who he is.


How would he ever convince him?

How could he show the monkey that being himself is okay?


“Ahhh Haa! A plan have I,” said the lion as he roars out his delight.

“I’ll let him see the monkey in me. He knows I never fail.”


The monkey will see the “monkey” in me

And realize the “lion” in him.


The monkey and the lion live in a very large jungle.

They are quite a pair, they are.


The moral of the story: be yourself. There is a bit of monkey and lion in all of us.



Copyright © 2011 LeRoy Dean All Rights Reserved

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Finding Comfort

I was afraid of storms when I was young. The sharp lightning and the loud clasps of thunder sent me heading for cover. I found comfort on the closest lap to me.

I would be assured that everything was all right and not to worry. At that age, I wasn’t too sure what worry was. I only knew if that was the way worry felt, I didn’t ever want to worry about anything.

The comfort I received did help, but was shattered by the next clasp of thunder. My dad would tell me that the thunder was the angels bowling or that another potato truck had dumped its potatoes. I probably believed my dad when he told me these things. I would believe anything if it kept me alive.

Looking back, I can remember my petrifying fear of storms. I imagine I used the “angel stories” with my kids, when they showed fear during a storm.

Often, in the storms of this life, there are moments when fear rises up within. As a small child, we need someone to comfort us and help us through it. We need someone to tell us everything will be all right.

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