Don’t Step On Someone’s Belief

Don’t tell someone they are wrong…they just get defensive and will not listen. Listen to what they have to say. They believe they are right as much as you believe you are right.

Share what you believe in a non-threatening way…at the right moment. Don’t try to convince…just share. By the way, sharing is not “preaching.”

Consider planting a garden. You place seed in the soil…you share. It takes time for seed to grow…sometimes, there is an abundant crop…sometimes, only some of the seed grows…sometimes, nothing!

It is the same with sharing. All you can do is plant the seed…and hope. The rest is beyond your pay grade. Plant from knowledge…share from the heart.

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2 thoughts on “Don’t Step On Someone’s Belief

  1. Butch, you are so right. Just yesterday a Buddhist took exception to some of my words on a post. He shared a general summary of Buddhism. Frankly, I was grateful for his post. Until I read his comments I didn’t know much about his faith. Now I do. I didn’t disagree with him or try to proselytize him or disagree with him. It was refreshing just to listen to him. And I commented back how blessed I was with his comments.


  2. Wise words!


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